Mandatory Uniform Policy

  • All students must wear uniforms daily unless there is a school event which has been approved by the principal.
  • Uniforms may be purchased at any local uniform store or department store.
  • Contact the office if you need any information and/or assistance. The contact person is the school counselor.
  • The uniform colors are navy blue, light blue, yellow, and white shirts/blouses; school t-shirts and navy blue slacks/skirts only.
  • Students must wear closed shoes with a rubber sole (i.e., sneakers, loafers, tennis, etc.).
  • Red, Khaki, camouflage or bandana print clothing are NOT part of our school uniform.
  • Jeans (plain dark blue- no paraphernalia) are only permitted on Fridays or principal approved days.

Please be advised students will not be able to participate in extracurricular activities if in violation of the uniform policy. All students should look forward to purchasing a PTA school t-shirt for field trips